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Cloud Journey at Siemens: Cyber security pioneers on the trail of the “next big thing”

"In the past, the cloud was deemed to be insecure, but today this is exactly where security development is taking place," says Thomas Müller-Lynch from […]

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Cross-industry innovation: how external industry knowledge gives companies wings

New business models, new approaches to product development or process optimization: these are things that many companies strive for. Looking beyond the horizon can provide […]

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Cyber attacks in SMEs: how companies can strengthen their resilience

The number of cyber attacks is rising. SMEs are increasingly the target: with inadequate protection, hackers often have an easy target. What can SMEs do […]

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Is sustainability the answer to surviving crises? Companies are starting to realize this now more than ever

Why are ever more companies focusing on sustainability? What are the drivers behind this trend? Our sustainability specialist and ESG consultant Dr. Michael von Papen […]


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