Engagement bei Comma Soft

The basis of our commitment

Certain facets of our corporate DNA hold particular significance for our culture and extend beyond our consulting endeavors: Responsibility, cohesion, and our family business ethos in general are integral aspects of it.

Responsibility & cohesion

Our social commitment stems from our self-image and core values: we shoulder responsibility for our environment and advocate for cohesion not just within our company but also within society at large. We uphold fairness and recognize education as the primary catalyst for social mobility. A significant portion of our team resides in Bonn, with our company headquarters situated in the Pützchen district. As a Bonn-based company, it is particularly important to us to participate in shaping social life in our city and to support local initiatives.

Family business

The entrepreneurial family is deeply dedicated to ensuring the long-term business and social success of Comma Soft AG, emphasizing the concept of “grandchild ability,” which signifies the company’s enduring presence across generations. The influences of the entrepreneurial family are therefore deeply ingrained in our culture and permeate many aspects of our day-to-day work. Their foremost priority revolves around the standards that distinguish Comma Soft: stability across economic landscapes, camaraderie, curiosity, scientific rigor, innovation investment, cultural enthusiasm, and family friendliness.

That is what we are committed to!

Our commitment stands on the pillars of our connection to the city of Bonn and the significance of diverse family aspects. We specifically endorse local initiatives and institutions engaged in research, culture, and social endeavors. Beyond financial assistance, we maintain close ties with these organizations and contribute through both our manpower and expertise.

Where our involvement shines through – here’s a glimpse of our contributions:

Sterntaler Bonn e. V.

The Sterntaler Bonn e.V. facilitates projects and supports programs for children. They provide homework supervision, German as a second language classes, cooking and dining experiences for children and young people, financial assistance for school trips and recreational activities, as well as opportunities in music, art, dance, and more. With our backing, our aim is to facilitate educational and social progress for children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Jazzfest Bonn

Since 2009, the Jazzfest Bonn has been inviting people to revel in musical highlights and foster moments of connection and community. We consistently provide partners, guests of Comma Soft AG, and our employees with the opportunity to enjoy this exceptional jazz event. Through this initiative, we support performing musicians and enrich the cultural landscape of Bonn.

Beethovenfest Bonn

Since 1845, the  Beethovenfest has been an annual, internationally renowned classical music festival in the birthplace of the famous composer. For several decades, Comma Soft AG has been pleased to support this recurring highlight of our city with the congress it organizes, known as the Petersberg Talks. Similar to our support for the Jazzfest, we also back  classical musicians and contribute to the preservation of this genre.

University of Bonn

A significant number of our employees and managers have pursued either full or partial university education at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Bonn. We are thrilled about the enduring partnership and the collaborative projects that have been continuously revitalized thanks to our strong scientific connections. Our CEO, Stephan Huthmacher, also serves as a board member of the University Society (UGB).

Telekom Baskets Bonn

Many Bonn residents, including our employees, are avid supporters of the successful Bundesliga basketball team. Some of our colleagues also support the club on a voluntary basis in their free time. We are therefore particularly delighted to sponsor the club in the 2023/2024 season, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.

Petersberg Talks

Since 2005, Comma Soft AG has been organizing the Petersberg Talks, an interdisciplinary discussion forum. Every year, initiator Stephan Huthmacher invites representatives from business, technology, and science to Villa Hammerschmidt in Bonn for fresh insights and a shift in perspective, all under the overarching theme of “Making complexity manageable – creating innovations.” Under an annually changing motto, the lectures of the internationally renowned speakers are the source of inspiration for this exchange.

Benjamin Schulte

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