“Everywhere an early ancestry precedes later knowledge.”

Alexander von Humboldt


We see our task as turning early ancestors into concrete knowledge and concrete implementation for your company. And we do this completely independently of specific orders. We research, develop and make things happen.

So what could be more obvious than to found a group that deals with undiscovered or diffuse topics? A group that, detached from day-to-day business, considers what we can draw from this for our customers. And who could be more obvious as a role model than the great Alexander von Humboldt, the discoverer and pioneer who had the further development of society at heart.

In regular travel reports, you will find out what is happening in the Humboldt Group:

  • In our travel reports, we take you on board our research vessel, the Research Vessel Humboldt, with which we explore “new islands”. Each voyage report is dedicated to special topics that form an island world of their own. Be curious!
  • We will take a look with you into the “cabins of our crew”. You will get to know the members of the Humboldt Group from previously unknown sides.
  • We invite you to join us in an exchange and discover new territory together. We will also be happy to anchor at your premises for this purpose.

We hope you enjoy reading and discovering!

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    • Oeconesia: Circular Economy

      Masinope: Machine Learning Operations

      Humboldt: What inspires us about him

      Curiosity: Here’s how it drives us


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    • New islands are being discovered …

Stay on board!

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