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Reaching the next level of competitiveness: digital and data-driven

Every process, every business model, every service and every customer relationship can be enhanced by insights from data – and this is what makes companies competitive in the long term. This requires a business to be digitized, data-driven, and customer-centric. We advise clients across all industries, from SMEs to DAX-listed companies, on this next stage of corporate development: from the development of a digitization strategy to the introduction of new technologies and cultural change.

“Using curiosity to bring concrete knowledge to bear in AI, IT and digitization projects: That's what drives us at Comma Soft every day.”

Benjamin Schulte, Chief Operating Officer

The road to the next data level

Whether it be in the automotive, manufacturing, insurance, banking, healthcare or life sciences sectors, every company and every industry has a different level of digitization and an individual corporate culture. As a trusted advisor with cross-industry experience from more than 4,000 digitization projects, we help companies to pinpoint where they stand. We use this as a basis for developing strategies, solutions and change measures in conjunction with our customers, enabling them to optimize their business.

Digital maturity: where does your company stand?

Dovetailing business, IT and data strategy

Business – Consulting – Enabling: this is the principle we follow when we work with our customers. Together, we develop an IT and data strategy that we closely dovetail with the company’s individual business strategy. At the same time, we empower our customers’ employees to embrace technical and cultural change. This holistic approach enables sustainable digitization in which all of the measures are interlinked and the employees are given the best possible support.

"Data-driven companies manage to adapt their products and services to new market demands in near real time."

Dr. Markus Knappitsch, Executive Manager Consulting

Reaching the next level of competitiveness with Comma Soft

We would be pleased to advise you in an initial meeting and work with you to identify how you can reach the next data level. Please arrange a non-binding appointment with our experts.

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