The point at which business and science meet is in fact a comma.

A comma is a distinctive logical sign, the caesura of a period, the intentional break. Correctly placed, it can give the whole a new meaning.

Being a digital think tank of 135 scientists, we operate at the intersection of people and technology, the possible and the impossible and the new and the unprecedented. The impact is noticeable and measurable – often after just a few days and weeks. Learn how we used data mining and AI to make variant complexity manageable for an automaker and saved €40 million in a very short time, or how we support research-based pharmaceutical companies, or how an innovative bank uses machine learning to  save for its customers automatically.

We do not see digitalization solely as a solution to small or complex problems. For instance artificial intelligence and the sudden transparency of networked information and knowledge architectures accelerate processes and entire organizations. Smart technologies unleash the potential for new and exciting products and inspire new business models. Comma Soft allows the controlled fusion of business and research. The released energy materializes into something new: usable innovation.

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Turnover we spend on research: up to 30%
Competitors who think we are a bit mad: 100%.

We do not know everything and probably this fact sets us apart from most established business consultants and technology partners. What they usually see as an admission, we at Comma Soft find our true purpose: the challenge of the unknown and the questioning of the status quo.

At Comma Soft, we invest up to 30% of our turnover in research and development. That is not only twice as much as Google or three times as much as Amazon, it also enables us to provide the answers that organizations, corporations and hidden champions are looking for.

Comma Soft wants to be an incubator and a factory for new things, pushing boundaries and translating digitalization into progress, accelerating business and securing the future.

For this reason, Comma Soft employs excellent scientists from a wide range of disciplines focusing on economic value creation. For them, there is no argument by authority; what counts are ideas and insights. As a result, smart and efficient solutions can be generated across an entire company, even in complex situations.

Specialist in Predictive Analytics, Smart Data, Data Science and Human Interaction.

The bad news first: complexity is becoming even more complex. The good news? We are one step ahead of it. Comma Soft organizes the digital transformation directly on the production line, in logistics, on the shopfloor, in the home office and between people.

Sustainable progress can only happen if everyone follows suit. Digitalization is way more than just a solution, it is an opportunity. To this end, we  use the practice of science. We do not just analyze situations, we penetrate them. In small, agile teams, we achieve measurable success within days and only a few development cycles. Instead of creating PowerPoint presentations, we program prototypes and learn immediately. The big picture emerges only from up close. In this process, we support your employees into becoming co-and lateral thinkers. Comma Soft wants to motivate and qualify people to think digitalization themselves.

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