Reisebericht #02

Travel report #02

Our Humboldt editorial team is on the road again and this time they are reporting back to you:

  • How the exciting journey to ALAN, our own Generative AI, went.
  • Why the motto should be Zero Trust in the face of new cyber security risks.
  • The importance of the Petersberger Gespräche as a salon for business, technology and science.
  • What moves our crew members in their work at Comma Soft and beyond.

Enjoy reading and discovering!

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If you are interested in more information about our GenAI and cyber security solutions beyond this travelogue, you will find more exciting information on this page. Have fun discovering!

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Reisebericht #02: Generative KI

Large Language Models

Large Language Model – LLM – Generative AI – Prompting: The terminology can be confusing. If you want to delve deeper into the topic, you can find more details on the most important terms here.

  • LLM & GenAI

    Any form of machine intelligence is referred to as artificial intelligence (AI). In common parlance, the term artificial intelligence is used when a machine imitates “cognitive” performances such as learning and problem solving, which are otherwise associated with human mental performance. AI is an area of computer science research in which intelligent machines are developed and studied. An important area of modern research into artificial intelligence is machine learning: Here, the machine learns to classify images or predict time series with the help of huge amounts of data.

Comma Soft LLM / GenAI

Meet ALAN!

Would you like to get to know ALAN? Dr. Andrej Fischer and Michael Tannenbaum will be happy to show you our LLM in a personal live demo. You can find more information and book your demo appointment here.

Further reading tips for you

We are all always interested in keeping up to date with technological and ML/LLM trends. If you also want to dive deeper, we recommend the following literature:

  • “Attention Is All You Need”
    This paper is the starting point for the modern development of LLMs. It introduces the Transformer architecture and is a must-read for anyone interested in the technical foundations of LLMs.




  • Open source models in comparison
    If you are looking for an overview of the currently available open source models, you will find what you are looking for here.


  • Petersberg Theses on AI
    An exciting format that discussed the social impact of artificial intelligence long before the advent of generative AI.
Reisebericht #02: Zero Trust

Zero Trust

Zero Trust is the security approach required today, which we implement with our customers in SMEs and corporations. In the white paper, Dr. Jan Ciupka provides even deeper insights into the concept and its architecture. We have also gone through a classic attack case, known as data poisoning, for you here. You will also find a checklist that you can use to check what the next steps are for your company in terms of cyber security.

Data poisoning

As you can see from the illustration, the attack in data poisoning starts with the data used by the ML model. If an ML model is trained with open source data, for example, attackers could manipulate this data. This means that the AI can be maliciously trained if it no longer uses truthful data, but data that deliberately leads the AI down the wrong path. Data poisoning is a high cost factor for affected companies that have invested in training their ML models. It can also be a gateway for hackers to gain access through targeted manipulation. The potential consequences for companies are well known. Data poisoning can be prevented above all with the right cyber security strategy.

Take the cyber security check!

Do you want to check how secure your company is? This checklist will help you to identify risks and derive measures.

Download checklist

Dr. Jan Ciupka, Comma Soft

What exactly does Zero Trust mean?

In this white paper, our colleague Dr. Jan Ciupka has compiled for you what the cornerstones of Zero Trust are and what companies should bear in mind when implementing them.

Learn more

Zero Trust

Deep-Dive with Siemens: Opportunities & Challenges of Zero Trust

Siemens is one of the first companies to adopt a zero trust approach to IT and cyber security. What opportunities does this present for the Group’s security and for the further development of its products?

Find out more

Reisebericht #02: Petersberger Gespräche

Petersberger Gespräche 2023 – The Salon for Business, Science & Technology

Watch the review video of the Petersberger Gespräche 2023 (available in German):

Petersberger Gespräche 2023

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If you would like to know which topics and speakers have shaped the program in the past, take a look at the Dialogue Forum’s YouTube channel.

Reisebericht #02: KI-Playlist

AI Playlist

Would you like to try out (Gen)AI for yourself? If you are interested, please contact us to arrange a demo for the Comma LLM. We have also put together a hit list of exciting AI applications for you to try out. Have fun!

Pinguin is maintained by a speech synthesis start-up as a lighthouse project. The quality of the voice output and dialog is really good. A nice glimpse into the future, but also shows how hard it will be to recognize real interviews.

Try now »


Creating music using AI is simply exciting and somehow also a little scary. The application is another interesting and playful practical example of artificial intelligence. It shows very well what is possible with this technology.

Try now »

David Attenborough is now narrating my life

AI-generated, humorous satire of a nature documentary with the magnificent voice of David Attenborough. Note: You need your own developer environment for testing. The code is available in your own Github repository.

Watch the tutorial »

Emoji Scavenger Hunt

A particularly interesting application (not only) for children to get to grips with AI for the first time. It is also suitable as a stimulus for on-site meetings. Interactive and with movement. You need a smartphone to use it.

Try now »


For hobby ornithologists or the curious: With BirdNET you can recognize bird calls, whether you are hiking, on your balcony at home or on vacation. Good interface and operation in everyday life.

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Flora Incognita

Similar to BirdNET, except that it is about recognizing plants. Can be used anywhere where there is Internet!

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t3n quiz

If you feel like it, you can check here whether you are being taken in by the AI. In some cases, the differences between real photographs and AI-generated images are almost indistinguishable.

To the quiz »

Spurious Correlation

The website lists examples of spurious correlations between unusual facts from all areas of life and provides AI-generated explanations. Tip: For random examples, simply click on 'random'.

Try now »

TAAFT: There is an AI for that

TAAFT is a collection of many other AI gimmicks, both entertaining and applicable in a business context. Just browse and try it out!

Discover more »

Reisebericht #02: Die nächste Ausgabe

The journey continues!

We have already set sail again and are continuing to explore new worlds.

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