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Develop digitisation strategies in analogy to taxi driving: The destination comes before the route

More and more companies have a digitization strategy and are fine-tuning them, but often only for sub-areas. This is contrasted by a holistic, strategic approach […]

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Why Data? – 8 approaches to the world of data

Many companies today are relying increasingly on digitization. The catch phrase “corporate data centricity” is often heard in this context: the aim of building one's […]

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Digitization as a tool for corporate sustainability

How can climate change, emissions and sustainability be positively influenced by digitization? As a family business, we feel an obligation to future generations to find […]

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Digital maturity: what level is your company at and how can you reach the next one?

If you know what level your company is at in terms of digitization, it will be easier to derive the steps that will take you […]


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