The video conference takes place via Microsoft Teams. For this purpose, we have concluded corresponding contracts with Microsoft and agreed on Germany or the EU as the server location for data processing. However, in the event of disruptions and malfunctions, Microsoft can also access the servers from so-called third countries such as the USA in order to carry out maintenance work. In third countries and especially in the USA, there is no level of data protection comparable to the requirements of the GDPR. It is possible that government agencies access personal data without us or you knowing about it. Effective enforcement of your rights is probably not possible in the USA and other third countries.

If you participate in the video conference, you thereby declare your consent to a possible transfer of data to third countries such as the USA.

If you log in to participate in the conference using your existing Microsoft account, the agreements between you and Microsoft will apply. The complete data protection notice of Comma Soft AG can be found here.

The event will not be recorded unless otherwise agreed in advance, announced in this invitation or decided during the conference.


In the event of a recording, you also agree to this.


Of course you are free to turn off camera, microphone, chat to prevent recording.

If you do not want to give your consent to a possible third country transfer or object to a possible recording, please send a short email to the sender of this invitation. We will try to find an alternative.