Arbeiten als Data Science Consultant bei Comma Soft

What does a Data Science Consultant do at Comma Soft?

As a Data Science Consultant, you and your team will support our customers and help them understand their data and use the insights gained from this data profitably by deploying the latest technologies such as machine learning, AI and artificial neural networks. You will help them, for example, to make faster and better decisions based on their data, to evaluate their data transparently across processes and departments, and to support their employees in their day-to-day business with smart assistants.

You will work closely with your colleagues and our customers either remotely or on-site at the customer’s premises, depending on the particular phase of the project. If you enjoy communicating with other people on complex issues and occasionally traveling to do so, these are good attributes for working as a Data Science Consultant.

Responsibilities of Data Science Consultants

Every company has its own questions that it wants to use data to answer. This is why a job as a Data Science Consultant is always exciting! From large mid-sized companies to DAX-listed corporations, from pharmaceutical companies to automotive and industrial customers to insurers and organizations in research and healthcare, as a Data Scientist you will work with customers from a wide range of industries.

To be more specific, as a Data Science Consultant you will focus on the following tasks, among others:

  • Data preparation and data engineering forming the basis for all analysis & modeling activities
  • Complex data analysis using statistics, artificial intelligence & machine learning
  • Identification of customer requirements in workshops with specialist departments & decision-makers
  • Identification of use cases in which data science can create added value
  • Design & rollout of appropriate data-driven solutions
  • Implementation & optimization of functional, technological & UX requirements
  • Development of a data strategy in conjunction with the project stakeholders

Examples of projects involving data science consulting

Implementing sustainability in a corporate context

In addition to legal obligations, more and more companies also want to honor their social responsibility and embed sustainability in their strategy. You and your team will help them do this by finding solutions to make it easier to analyze emissions data and create ESG reports, save resources through machine learning-optimized processes and create transparency about decisions made by AI solutions.

AI-supported services in insurance companies

The insurance business has always been data-driven through and through. As a Data Science Consultant, you will work with your colleagues to help insurers create more transparency and make faster and better decisions. For example, you might introduce AI in input management and machine learning in performance testing, improve customer service through sentiment analysis and automation, and optimize quality in fraud detection & risk management through algorithms.

Digital twins in pharma & manufacturing

As a Data Science Consultant in the manufacturing industry, you can develop and implement solutions for simulating material changes and study progressions or for enabling smart maintenance in production facilities and laboratories, e.g. by developing digital twins. At the same time, you will ensure that data exchanges are economical, secure and legally compliant.

Skills of a Data Science Consultant

In order to be able to carry out the aforementioned tasks and projects, as a Data Scientist Consultant you will ideally bring the following skills to the table, depending on your previous experience:


Inventive approach

to solving complex problems & for in-depth analyses

Hands-on experience

with Python, container technologies, machine learning, text mining & time series analysis

Excellent communication skills

when conveying complex information in very good German & English


working in a team and being flexible in terms of where and when they work


about different projects & industries as well as strong willingness to learn


in tech trends & project management practices, e.g., MLOps & DevOps

Development opportunities as a Data Science Consultant

If you have just graduated, you can start with us as an Associate Data Science Consultant and then move up to other career levels. If you already have relevant professional experience, you can join us directly as a Data Science Consultant or Senior Data Science Consultant. With targeted career models, training, certifications and coaching, you can always develop further and even take on leadership roles.

Karriere im Consulting

In addition to the opportunities for advancement, most Data Science Consultants also specialize in specific industries, e.g.:

  • Data Science Consultant in the insurance and health sectors
  • Data Science Consultant in pharma & life sciences
  • Data Science Consultant in the automotive & production industries

Discover vacancies in data science consulting

Whether you are a career changer or a Data Science Consultant with professional experience, we invite you to take a look around our job portal.  There you will find vacancies in data science consulting at Comma Soft that match your career level and area of expertise.