Dr. Andreas Künsken

Head of Consulting Identity & Access Management
DSc Physics

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Andreas is responsible for Identity & Access Management (IAM) at Comma Soft. He works with our customers to find the most secure solution for managing and operating directory services and provides operational support. In the process, he emphasizes the value of a holistic view of the interplay between users, devices, and business requirements. Both SMEs and global corporations are provided with IAM solutions that combine security, innovative technologies and practicality.


  • Hybrid Identity Infrastructure with Active Directory & Azure Active Directory
  • Secure access, user & device management
  • Information security via Public Key Infrastructure
  • Backup & recovery of directory services
  • Design, delivery & management of projects

There is no one-size-fits-all with IAM. Every customer has different requirements: that's what makes the collaboration so exciting!

Dr. Andreas Künsken