Jobs als Business & Strategy Consultant

What does a Strategy & Business Consultant do at Comma Soft?

Strategy & Business Consultants work with clients to develop strategies that improve competitiveness, revenue growth and customer satisfaction, among other things. They focus both on developing business strategies and on digitization strategies. As a Strategy & Business Consultant at Comma Soft, you will work closely both with customers and with your colleagues from other departments to ensure that all strategy areas are closely coordinated. This is how we bring together business, data and IT strategies as a team.

A background in business administration is a major advantage. Even more important is the ability to inspire people with new ideas and to engage in solution-oriented dialog with them – remotely as well as in meetings and workshops at our office. You will also visit our customers at their premises for kickoff meetings and workshops. You can count this travel time as working time if, for example, you drive to the appointment in a company car or work while traveling by train.

Responsibilities of Strategy & Business Consultants

DAX corporations have different requirements and strategic issues compared to large medium-sized companies. The degree of digitization also differs from company to company. Strategy & Business Consultants are aware of this and are able to relate to a wide range of scenarios and communicate empathetically with various stakeholders in the company. Background knowledge of various industries such as pharmaceuticals & life science, automotive & manufacturing and insurance & health are of great value when it comes to finding strategic solutions to the challenges inherent in these sectors.

In this context, as a Strategy & Business Consultant you will deal primarily with the following tasks:

  • Identification of strategic goals for customers in workshops with decision-makers
  • Development of digitization & data strategy in conjunction with the project stakeholders
  • Development & optimization of business models & business processes
  • Identification of trends such as AI, machine learning, agile project management, etc.
  • Close coordination with IT consulting colleagues who will implement the strategy from a technical point of view
  • Project management with a keen eye for quality. Time & budget.
Strategy & Business Consulting bei Comma Soft

Typical projects for a Strategy & Business Consultant

Identification of new business models

Digital transformation often goes hand in hand with a realignment of the business model. Working with your team and customers, you will find the right levers to help companies stay competitive in the volatile business world. This can involve, for instance, introducing digital customer services, opening up new sales markets and distribution channels, or optimizing the monitoring of marketing measures and other KPIs.

Shaping & guiding a transformation

You will help companies refine their business strategy and make it fit for the future. This includes, among other things, dovetailing the business strategy with the data and IT strategy, as well as supporting employees during the change process. For owner-managed companies, this can also include shaping the transition when there is a generational change in management.

Implementing a sustainability strategy

How can sustainability be anchored in the business strategy? How can digitization contribute to achieving ESG goals while being sustainable itself? In your role as a Strategy Consultant, you will find answers to these questions and derive measures for successful implementation and effective Change & Adoption Management that will bring your employees along with you.

The skills of a Strategy & Business Consultant

In order to be able to carry out the aforementioned tasks and projects, as a Strategy & Business Consultant you will ideally bring the following skills to the table, depending on your previous experience:


Excellent communication skills

as well as empathy & confident appearance in a business context with a variety of stakeholders

Business administration expertise

and an entrepreneurial mindset & enjoyment of business matters

Experience in a particular sector,

e.g., automotive, pharmaceutical, life sciences, insurance or banking


in tech trends, business topics & project management methods


when it comes to working in different places and at various times

Strong language skills in German

and English, competence in other languages would be welcome

Development opportunities for a Strategy & Business Consultant

If you have just graduated, you can start with us as an Associate Strategy & Business Consultant and then move up to other career levels. If you already have relevant professional experience, you can join us directly as a Strategy & Business Consultant or Senior Strategy & Business Consultant. With targeted career models, training, certifications and coaching, you can always develop further and even take on leadership roles.

Karriere im Consulting

In addition to the opportunities for advancement, most Strategy & Business Consultants also specialize in specific industries, e.g.:

  • Strategy & Business Consultant in the insurance and health sectors
  • Strategy & Business Consultant in pharma & life sciences
  • Strategy & Business Consultant in the automotive & production industries

Search for vacancies in strategy & business consulting

Whether you are a career changer or a Strategy Consultant with professional experience, we invite you to take a look around our job portal.  There you will find vacancies in strategy & business consulting at Comma Soft that match your career level and area of expertise.