Arbeiten als IT Consultant bei Comma Soft

What does an IT Consultant do at Comma Soft?

In your role as an IT Consultant, you will support our customers with planning, designing and implementing digital transformation projects. You will bring cutting-edge concepts and technologies to bear, enabling our customers to work even more efficiently and improve their teamwork. You will work closely with your colleagues and customers, either remotely or on-site at the customer’s premises, depending on the project phase. It is therefore an advantage if you like to interact with other people and are willing to travel.

Responsibilities of an IT Consultant

No two projects and no two workdays are the same – that’s what makes working as an IT Consultant so exciting! From large medium-sized companies to DAX-listed corporations, from pharmaceutical companies to automotive and industrial customers to insurers and organizations in research and healthcare, you will become acquainted with a wide variety of industries and companies in the course of your work. At Comma Soft, IT Consultants are not only technical experts for a specific area, but also look beyond the scope of projects: they find custom-fit solutions to support the digital transformation of an entire company, which are then developed specifically for the customer.

Despite all the differences, there are certain tasks that recur in IT consulting regardless of the project:

  • Requirements analysis: identification of specific change requests
  • Acquisition & quotation: finding suitable portfolio elements for our customers
  • Conception: creation of strategic & technical solution concepts
  • Project delivery: implementation of new solutions & migration of legacy systems
  • Change & adoption: supporting customers’ employees during the change process
  • Optimization & support: assistance with any questions & ongoing optimization of solutions

Typical projects in IT consulting

Digital workplace & collaboration

You will design and develop Microsoft 365 solutions in collaboration with your colleagues and roll them out to customers. The goal here is to design the digital workplace in the customer’s company in such a way that daily (collaborative) work in the office, remotely and in hybrid form is supported in the best possible way. This also includes, for example, modern device management, which makes mobile working possible.

Cyber & IT security

No matter where a company’s employees work from, they always need stable, fast access to information, data and applications. At the same time, this must not give rise to any risk for the company, for instance through unauthorized access or cyber-attacks. This is exactly what you and your team ensure by providing convenient identity management, for example, and continuously improving cyber and IT security using concepts such as Zero Trust.

Cloud & IT modernization

These days, many companies are pursuing a cloud-first strategy and would like to consolidate and modernize their IT landscape as a result. This is something you will support them in, from migrating legacy systems to integrating a wide variety of applications to delivering a cloud strategy.

The most important skills of an IT Consultant

In order to be able to carry out the aforementioned tasks and projects, as an IT Consultant you will ideally bring the following skills to the table, depending on your previous experience:



In the latest trends, curiosity and willingness to learn

Practical experience

In IT, collaboration, modern workplace, cloud and/or IT security


with IT systems e.g., Windows, Linux, Microsoft 365, Azure or AWS

Keen communicator

when working with colleagues, with a very good standard of German & English


working on a wide range of projects in various industries and being flexible in terms of when and where work is done

A mix

of analytical thinking and a pragmatic hands-on mentality

Development opportunities as an IT Consultant

If you have just graduated, you can start with us as an Associate IT Consultant and then move up to other career levels. If you already have relevant professional experience, you can join us directly as an IT Consultant or Senior IT Consultant. With targeted career models, training, certifications and coaching, you can always develop further and also take on leadership roles.

Karriere im Consulting

In addition to the opportunities for advancement, many IT consultants specialize as experts in a technical area. These can include:

  • IT Consultants for Microsoft 365
  • IT Consultants for cyber & IT security
  • IT Consultants for Microsoft Azure
  • IT Consultants for cloud & IT infrastructure

Search for vacancies in IT consulting

Whether you are a career changer or an IT consultant with professional experience, we invite you to take a look around our job portal. There you will find vacancies in IT consulting at Comma Soft that match your career level and area of expertise.