Dr. Hartmut Henk

Executive Manager Consulting
DSc Chemistry

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Hartmut is responsible for Digital Workplace and Collaboration at Comma Soft. He also acts as a senior manager in a supervisory capacity. His focus is on developing and delivering digital collaboration strategies and automating manual processes using cloud-based solutions. As a certified change management practitioner, he not only focuses on technological aspects, but also on people, ensuring that changes towards modern working methods are achieved in a sustainable manner.


  • Head of the Collaboration business unit
  • PROSCI®-certified change practitioner
  • Modern workplace & collaboration solutions
  • Process automation with Microsoft 365, among others
  • Digitization strategies in medium-sized businesses

Digitizing the workplace is about making processes efficient and operable regardless of location so that people can spend more time on what is important.

Dr. Hartmut Henk