Dr. Henning Dickten

Head of Consulting Pharma & Life Science
DSc Physics
Doctor of Physics

Henning is responsible for the Pharma & Life Science Consulting division at Comma Soft. He acts as a lead consultant in a supervisory capacity. His focus is on streamlining and digitizing product and analytics pipelines using statistical methods and machine learning. At the heart of this is networking experts and transferring domain knowledge into reproducible and scalable business processes using modern data analysis methods.


  • Head of the Health & Life Science Consulting business unit
  • More than 10 years of experience in data analysis of biomedical signals
  • PRINCE2 agile project manager
  • Cloud-native collaboration and analytics platforms
  • Artificial intelligence in pharmaceutical research
  • Many years of programming experience in Python, C/C++
  • Process management
  • Data storytelling

Digital transformation is the penicillin of the modern age: with it, we will revolutionize medicine and healthcare.

Dr. Henning Dickten