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Comma Soft’s open source-based GenAI technology is liberating European enterprises from LLM-as-a-service providers

During the last few months, Comma Soft AG has reported an increased demand for high-performance generative AI/GenAI that can be safely deployed in companies. With […]

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Key Application Areas of LLMs: How GenAI impacts the Pharma and Life Science Sector

LLMs have the potential to fundamentally reshape the pharma & life science industry. This whitepaper points out in which use cases GenAI helps & what […]

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Microsoft 365 Copilot – Is your data ready for takeoff?

With Copilot, Microsoft equips its users with a powerful GenAI tool that can make their daily work much easier. To achieve this, however, all preparations […]

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6 tips for a smooth Microsoft tenant migration

When the corporate structure changes - whether as a result of M&A, fusions or carve-outs, this also has an impact on the cloud & IT […]


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