Spotlight: My WOW experience at Comma Soft

In our Spotlight series, our Executive Managers Dr. Markus Knappitsch, Dr. Hartmut Henk, Dr. Andrej Fischer and Dr. Jan Ciupka share their personal highlights at Comma Soft. In Part 2, they share the experiences at Comma Soft that impressed them the most.

When you look back on all the years you have been working at Comma Soft now, which special experience has stuck in your memory and why this one in particular?

Jan: There have been many, but here is a recent example: at the start of the year, a large DAX-listed group split into two companies. We are now actively shaping the digital “re-emergence” of an international group in the demerged part of the company. Being here gives me a sense of being able to undertake projects that visibly and tangibly create added value. In this case, for example, it takes the form of a modern and secure IT infrastructure that is based on Zero Zrust architecture and enables the business to function at optimum efficiency. It shows me how much creative freedom we have as Comma Soft.

Hartmut: What often impresses me a lot is how we at Comma Soft manage repeatedly to prevail over well-known competitors in complex projects for large customers. The fact that we are successful here is also reflected in the extremely good feedback that we always receive from customers at the end of the project. A specific example that comes to mind is the redesign of one of the world’s largest active directories for one of our clients. This shows that we not only have exceptionally good employees, but also offer an environment that demands and encourages the highest level of performance.

Markus: During an acquisition visit to my former employer, I realized how much I had developed in terms of my technical as well as my management skills since joining Comma Soft. This reinforced for me that I have the opportunities here to fulfil my potential.

Andrej: As a matter of fact, the highlights for me are always the tours of customers’ facilities in the production industry – printing presses as tall as houses at APPL, freshly roasted cashews at Clasen Bio, a 100-meter-long and 1,600 °C hot kiln at a ceramics manufacturer: the diversity of our customers is incredibly impressive and enriching. I find it fascinating when we reconstruct the reality we find there from the data. The enthusiasm of initially skeptical employees when we infuse their daily work with data and improve it is priceless.