Improved competitiveness through data literacy

Data are omnipresent in our digitized world. More and more companies are realizing that they can turn this situation to their advantage. After all, data are the foundation on which forward-looking and adaptable corporate planning is based. They create the basis for fast and valid decision-making and for digital processes that dovetail across all sectors. At the same time, companies and their employees are faced with the challenge of dealing competently with the constantly growing volume of data. These data skills are a decisive competitive advantage today and will continue to be so in the future – and they can be trained in a targeted manner.

Establish company-wide data literacy

In today’s digital corporate world, data are used or generated in almost every business process and task – from strategic planning to purchasing, production, customer service and accounting. Clearly, these data must be handled correctly in order to avoid errors. However, data today should not only be used in the day-to-day operations of a department but should also generate added value throughout the entire company. This is achieved through cross-divisional data-driven processes that are continuously optimized through artificial intelligence and automation. This can only be successfully accomplished if all employees contribute to ensuring that the quality of the database remains high. This requires employees in all business areas to be able to read, generate, process, interpret and report data effectively. They should also understand that they are laying the groundwork for automated, AI-powered processes and applications, thereby improving the way they do their day-to-day work and the success of the company as a whole.

Unleashing the innovative power of different departments

Once this basic understanding and proficiency in the day-to-day handling of data has been built up, innovation projects almost become a no-brainer. Departments are increasingly identifying potential for optimization, seeing new use cases, and developing ideas for how data and AI can be used effectively in their own department as well as in collaboration with other areas. This in turn helps the IT specialists in the company to implement technical requirements at an operational level. If they deepen their knowledge of DevOps, MLOps and Data Science in parallel, they will be able to meet the requirements with less and less external support.

Data literacy training with Comma Soft:

We would be happy to support you in taking your company’s data literacy to the next level. Depending on the existing knowledge that your employees have, we can offer you data literacy training tailored to your needs with various tracks and modules:

  • Company Track: Basic skills for all employees who work with data
  • Business Track: In-depth data literacy for employees in specialist departments
  • Operations Track: Technical know-how for IT professionals and analysts
  • Supplementary modules on specialized topics: Data privacy, data science tools, DevOps & MLOps, deep learning & NLP and much more



Improved data literacy with Comma Soft

Do you want to develop and expand the data literacy of your employees in the long term? We will work with you to find a training program tailored to your company. Please feel free to contact us:

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